I. Application guidelines for international students (April 2023Intake)

1. Course details
Course Duration Total Class Hours Total Class Weeks Starting Month
2-Years Program for University Entry 2 Years 1,608Hours 80 Weeks April
2. School Days and Class Hours:

(1)School Days Monday to Friday

(2)Class Hours Morning 9:20~12:30 Afternoon 13:30~16:40

3. Admission Requirements

(1)Applicants should be completed more than 12 year-courses of studies or equal level.

(2) Applicants should be older than eighteen years old when she/ he enters.

(3)Applicants should have the experience of learning Japanese for more than 150 hours and pass the fifth level (N5) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test as well.

(4)Applicants should hope of going on to the graduated school, college, junior college or technical college after she/ he graduates from this college.

(5)Applicants should have the ability to pay for the expense such as school expenses / cost of living during staying in Japan.

(6) Applicants should follow school rules and Japanese law.

4. Selection process

(1)First selection (written test:in Japanese language, interview)

 ①Schedule of the exam
 From September to the beginningof November
 *we will inform the detail properly

 ②Please submit the following documents before the interview

  (1) Identification card, a diploma and a picture of applicant himself/herself

  (2) Identification card of sponsor and certificate of the family register

  (2) Second selection (screening of applicant’s documents)
    Applicants must send the necessary documents to school

Necessary Documents

Regarding the documents, please send Japanese translation with the originals in principle.

○For applicant

(1) Application Form (the designated paper)

(2) Statement of reason for study(the designated paper)

(3) Statement of reason for reapplication (Only for a person who had experience of studying abroad or applied for the visa before.)

(4) 8 pictures (H 4cm× W 3cm)It should be taken within the past 3 months and write name on the back side of pictures.

(5) The original and the copy of diploma(high school, technical school, college and university etc.)

(6) The original and the copy of transcript (high school, technical school, college and university etc.)

(7) Certificateof enrollment (only for applicants who are currently attending school.)

(8) Certificate of employment (if applicant is employed or have experienced)

(9) Japanese language certificate (JLPT N5 or more than 150 hours of academic history)

(10) Japanese Language Proficiency Test Certificate or Admission Ticket for Examination
(Chinese must send the passing certificate.)

(11) Identification card (copy of the nationality certificate・copy of passport etc.)

(12) Pledge (the designated paper)


○For sponsor

(1) Payment Guarantee (the designated paper)

(2) Resource of income* It is required for Vietnamese. Nepalese needs income certificate.

(3) Documents to certify the relationship between the sponsor and the applicant (ex. certificate of family register or residence)
*If there’s no relationship between sponsor and applicants like parents-child or couple, applicant must send the documents explains its relationship.

(4) The original of bank statement (needs more than 1,500,000 Japanese yen of bank balance)

(5) A full copy of with drawalrecord or bankbook (last 3 years) * It is required for Nepalese.

(6) Certificate of employment * If sponsor is self-employed, she/he needs the copy of business license.

(7) Income certificate (last 3 years)

(8) Certificate of tax payment (last 3 years)

*Other:Necessary documents are different fromeach country, so please ask the office for details.

*Please inform us if you have previously applied for a visa.

5. Method of payment

We will send the copy of “Certificate of Eligibility”, “statement of payment” and “remittance letter” to the applicant who is issued COE.
Applicants should remit the school expense to our bank accountby the appointed day, and e-mail us the copy of application for remittance with declaration. We will send you “the original Certificate of Eligibility”andthe admission letter after we confirm payment.

≪Remittance of Fees≫

When you transfer the school expenses to us, please write a corporate name, a name of school.



Account Number:No.4125633



6. Processing from application to Entrance
Party Process Late May For April admission
①Applicant Entrance examination: written (Japanese), interview September ~Early- November (fixed date)
②Applicant→School Submission of admission application documents Mid- November( deadline)
③School→Immigration Application for Certificate of Eligibility Early December
④Immigration→School Announcement of the results Late February~early March
⑤School→Applicant Invoice for school expenses Upon announcement
⑥Applicant→School Payment of school expenses (deadline) Early March
⑦School→Applicant To send Certificate of Eligibility and Admission Letter Upon payment receipt
⑧Applicant→ JapaneseConsulate or Embassy Application for visa Mid-March
⑨Applicant Arrival Early April

*Applicants must send all documents before the deadline. If not, you will fail the application.

II. The amount of payment

1. The amount ofpayment and the deadline for payment

(1)School expenses

Unit: Japanese Yen

Content 1st year 2nd year 2nd year Total
Delivery time March before entrance March (one year after admission) September (1.5 years after admission)
Examination fee 10,000yen - - 10,000yen
Entrance fee 25,000 yen - - 25,000 yen
School expenses 600,000yen 300,000yen 300,000yen 1,200,000yen
Cost of equipment 50,000yen 25,000yen 25,000yen 100,000 yen
Activity costs・teaching materials 50,000 yen 25,000 yen 25,000 yen 100,000 yen
subtotal 735,000 yen 350,000 yen 350,000 yen 1,435,000 yen

* Applicants need to pay the National Health Insurance fees (20,000 yen) for 1 year in addition.
We will pay it based on the insurance bill from a municipal office after entering school.
You need to pay Health Insurance fee by yourself from second year.

* Applicants need to pay 10,000yenfor 1year as an accident insurance.

* In case of canceling after you submitting admission materials, you need to pay the examination fee.(10,000yen)

* If you don’t participate in Japanese language training that is held by our school and you fail caused by your Japanese ability, you will be required to pay the examinationfee. (10,000yen)



Expenses of a lease for an apartmentis 150,000 yen(for 5 months)
Breakdown: Entering dormitory 20,000 yen ・ Cost of equipment 20,000 yen
Common service expense 10,000 yen ・ Room fee 100,000 yen(for 5months)
A student who wants to live in dorm needs to pay the above expenses with school expenses certainly.
*If utilities cost more than 6,000 yen a month, we will collect the difference separately.
*Room fee will be 20,000 yen a month (room fee 14,000yen, utility charges 6,000yen) at renewing a lease agreement.

Private rental

If you rent an apartment by yourself, please let us know in advance.

2. Reduction System

The applicants who passJLPT N1: 100,000 yen (reduction)

The applicants who passJLPT N2: 50,000yen (reduction)

The applicants who pass JLPTN3: 20,000yen (reduction)

3. Refunding the payment

(1)We will refund the difference which minus 100,000 yen as a charge when applicants give up entering by your personal reason after getting the Certificate of Eligibility.

(2) We will refund the difference which minus 10,000 yen (examination fee) when the embassy defuses to issue your visa after issued the Certificate of Eligibility.

(3) We will not refund the payment when you applicants did not follow the necessaryprocedures for enter.

III. Part-time job

1. Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted

When foreign student work as a part time job for continuing your study or payment, you must apply to the Immigration Bureau and get a permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted. School will apply to the Immigration Bureau on your behalf.

2. Restriction of activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted

28 hours in a week (40 hours in a week during a long vacation) except the entertainment and amusementtrades (such asbars, restaurants, mah‐jong, parlors), etc.

3. Punishment

Both you and employer may be punished in the following situation.

(1)When foreign students work as a part time job without permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted.

(2)When foreign students work beyond limited hours.

(3)When foreign students work in the adult entertainment and amusement industries.